Stephanie Symonette

Member, Community Advisory Board, Miami FL

Bachelor Pediatric Research, University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine

Stephanie Symonette

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Bio Details: 

I was the chair of the Ryan White Cab, and also the International Maternal Pediatric Adolescence Aids Clinical Trials ( IMPAACT). I am now the chair for PHACS at this site.

The virus has been living with me for 23 years. I also have anal cancer, but have been cancer free for two years and six months. My experience dealing with both problems has made me want to get more involved so that I can get the word out about both HIV and anal cancer. As a heterosexual female it was hard for me to understand how I got this cancer since I haven't had anal sex. I was given a little information how it may have occurred, but I would like to know more about how it spread and what we can do to help prevent this from happening to anyone else.