Erick Rios

Clinical Research Coordinator
Associated Study Sites:
Anal Dysplasia Clinic MidWest

2551 N. Clark St. #203

Chicago IL 60614

Tel: 312.623.2625

Fax: 773.289.0685

Erick Rios

Erick is the Clinical Research Coordinator at the Anal Dysplasia Clinic MidWest. He obtained his bachelor's degree from Northeastern Illinois University and has worked in research for over 5 years. He has extensive experience in Phase II, III, and IV clinical trials. Erick is the bilingual member of the team, speaking both English and Spanish.

His drive for the field comes from being on the forefront of novel treatment development. As the Clinical Research Coordinator, Erick's roles include patient outreach, recruitment and advertising development, processing samples, maintaining regulatory documentation, and liaison between the Sponsor/IRB.

In his spare time, Erick takes pleasure in frequenting museums and concerts. He is also an avid indie film enthusiast and canine aficionado.