William Robbins

Member, Community Advisory Board, Atlanta

Grady Health Systems, Atlanta, Georgia

William Robbins

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Bio Details: 

William Robbins has been living with HIV since 2005 with an initial diagnosis as AIDS. He actively supports patient-centered care, multi-faceted HIV prevention and sexual health education efforts and advocacy; as well as, risk reduction, long-term recovery, and constellations of engagements in access to care.

Mr. Robbins has been adherent to HAART since diagnosis, apart from a year and a half of acute active polyaddiction (alcohol, meth, cocaine and crack cocaine).

Two of the most important ideas leading to better outcomes for William were the birth and development of responsible personal agency and a more compassionate cultivation of growth and development perspectives and practices.

Mr. Robbins has served on the HIV Prevention CAB of Positive Impact Health Centers, since July 2016.