Will Robbins

Member, Community Advisory Board
Associated Study Sites:

Grady Memorial Hospital

ACTSI Grady Satellite CRN

5C Clinical Research,

80 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive SE

Atlanta, GA 30303

Will Robbins

I am a native and resident of Georgia and live in Avondale Estates. I am a person in long term recovery related to HIV/AIDS (2005), Substance Use Disorder, and Mental Health (2015). I hold an AS in Healthcare from Georgia State University (GSU) Perimeter College (2018). Currently I am a BSW student in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at GSU. I am a past CAB member and co-chair for Positive Impact Health Center’s HIV Prevention program. I have also volunteered as a companion and support for individuals and families at the end-of-life in hospice care for about six years. I work part-time as a Male Urogenital Teaching Associate (MUTA), guiding nursing and medical students in the sensitive physical exam portion of the Male Wellness Examination. I am often an advocate in many social service and medical settings. I am highly passionate about quality research, which helps inform better clinical practice, treatment options, and positive outcomes. As an ANCHOR CAB member for the Atlanta site, I hope to be “a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder” (Barks-Rumi) to help bridge gaps in health disparities for underserved and historically marginalized populations while increasing trust between individuals and communities and research medical institutions.