Rachael Abraham, Ph.D.

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Bio Details: 

Dr. Rachael Abraham has over eight years combined Infectious Disease experience in both the research and clinical diagnostic setting. She brings a strong work ethic that is resourceful, diplomatic and goal-oriented to the team. She has an enthusiasm for collaborative studies that have a multidisciplinary approach, with the overall goal to improve healthcare, and help those living with HIV to age as healthy as possible. She brings to the group a diverse background and hands on working knowledge, both on and off the bench. She has worked on many collaborative studies and has a focus on caring for people living with HIV and integrating the disease prevention, treatment and management of HIV with support services and improved long-term healthcare. She also has a large interest in working with those affected by other infections that continue to be a significant cause of comorbidities in the HIV population.


  • C.P.H., Georgia State University, School of Public Health, 2009
  • M.Sc., Georgia State University, Division of Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry, 2005
  • Ph.D., Georgia State University, Division of Cellular Molecular Biology and Physiology, May 2011.