Kalani Whittington

Member, Community Advisory Board
Associated Study Sites:

UCLA CARE Center and Clinic

1399 Roxbury Drive, Ste. 100

Los Angeles, CA 90035


Tel: 310.557.9027

Fax: 310.557.3450

Kalani Whittington

Kalani’s passion for the ANCHOR Study is deeply rooted in her love of too many friends that passed during the height of HIV/AIDS crisis. She sees her membership in the ANCHOR CAB as one of the best ways to honor them.

In addition to ANCHOR, Kalani is also active with communities throughout Los Angeles. She is active with various neighborhood councils in west LA, is a member of UCLA’s MCC CAB and stays involved with the SMC Emeritus Student Body Advisory.

For fun, Kalani trains both her body and her vocal cords! Kalani regularly exercises. Singing, however, is a newer hobby. Kalani explains, “…[due to a brain injury] my vocal folds collapsed. The injury forced me into vocal therapy that led to singing … a new found joy that comforts and inspires me… with a bit of effort, there’s usually a silver lining to be found.” The ANCHOR Study is lucky and proud to have Kalani as a CAB member.