Jack Tran

Laboratory Manager
Associated Study Sites:
University of Arizona

1501 N. Campbell Ave.

P.O Box 245043

Tucson, AZ 85724

Phone: 520.626.4210

Fax: 520.626.8893

Jack Tran

Jack earned his Bachelor of Art and Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder with a focus on basic science research in the field of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. Under the mentorship of Dr. Joaquin Espinosa, and Dr. Corrie Gallant-Behm, he studied downstream transcriptional changes to varying expression of the P63 protein (2011-2012). At the same time, he was a part of Dr. Leslie Leinwand’s team, studying metabolism using the Burmese Python as a model, with Dr. Stephen Langer, and Dr. Pamela Harvey as mentors (2010-2012). After graduation he returned home to Tucson, Arizona, and accepted a research position in Dr. Monika Schmelz’s lab to study mechanism of B-cell lymphoma to escape immuno-surveillance relative to the expression of the MHC class II molecules

Jack is the lead technician on the ANCHOR Biorepository project. As the ANCHOR Arizona Biorepository lab manager/coordinator, he is the point of contact for clinical sites in regards to shipment and receipt logistics of all specimens, as well as specimen QC. Under Dr. Schmelz’s leadership, he supervises the development and compliance of all local Standard Operating Procedure, as well as training laboratory technicians. Lastly, he ensures laboratory compliance per the OSHA, HIPAA, GLP and local IRB standards.

Jack's great love for science is expressed through research in basic science. He would like to become a principal investigator in the field of molecular biology. Jack says, "Family is very important to me, and I hope that my works in research will enrich the body of knowledge in the field of biology that will one day keep my friends and family from pain and sickness."


  • B.S., University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado. 2012