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We teamed up with the talented artists at Free Range Studios in Oakland, CA to create our video with an original soundtrack by Grupo Falso Baiano.  We then developed fun and attractive print materials for the ANCHOR Study. If you would like to help us distribute these materials to potential study participants, please contact Nicolas.Sheon [at] or BSiedle-Khan [at] at 1 844 HIV-BUTT. 

To order printed materials, please complete this form

All materials are available in English (below) and Spanish. The printed materials include:


4X6 inch postcards printed on both sides that come in 8 fabulous designs. Collect them all! They are printed on both sides. 

FrontBack Front

Front Front

Front Front

Front Front


ANCHOR Posters can be ordered by contacting nicolas.sheon [at] (Nicolas Sheon) who will add your site info and recommend a printer based on the number of posters. 

Pull Tab Posters

A Brochure

This is a CD size square trifold with six panels. It comes in English and Spanish versions, as well as a "buttless" version on the right. Click the image below to see a PDF of the brochure.


Temporary Tattoos, Magnets, and Business Cards

  • 1 x 2 inch temporary tattoos with the study logo. Where will you put yours?
  • Business card size fridge magnets.
  • To order personalized Business Cards with the ANCHOR Logo designed by FreeRange, fill out this form.

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