Tom Chang

Member, Community Advisory Board, NYC-Laser
Associated Study Sites:
Laser Surgery Care

420 W. 23rd St., Suite PB

New York NY 10011

Tel: 212.242.6500

Fax: 212.242.3111

Tom Chang

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As a long-term survivor of HIV (25+ yrs.), I have observed greater public awareness of and an improvement in societal attitudes towards people with AIDS and HIV. And as a person living with both HIV and HPV, I see my participation in the Community Advisory Board for the ANCHOR Study as another great way to raise awareness and improve the lives of other people like me.

I've seen the vital role that a CAB can play in helping both university researchers and the medical community to develop better programs of HPV testing and treatment. With vocal community-based advocacy, the HIV community is better served to make informed choices affecting their treatment options and extending the quality of their lives.

I am determined to learn more about how HPV can adversely affect those living with HIV and to share my enthusiasm for educating communities about the need to getting tested and, if need be, treated.