Jeff Taylor

Member, Community Advisory Board
Associated Study Sites:
DAP Health
AIDS Malignancy Consortium

850 Spencer Drive

Palm Springs, CA 92262

Tel: 760.835.1926

jefftaylorps [at]

Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor is a 25+ year survivor of AIDS and cancer, and has been active in HIV research advocacy since enrolling in the ACTG's first AZT trials in the late 80's. He served for five years on the ACTG's Community Constituency Group (now CSS--where he was the community liaison to the Complications Research Agenda Committee (now OpMan), and was on the ACTG's original metabolics focus group formed to study emerging lipodystrophy. Currently, he continues to serve on the UCSD AntiViral Research Center's Community Advisory Board, the NCI's AIDS Malignancy Consortium as a community representative, DHHS AntiRetroviral Guidelines Panel, and on the Program Committee for CROI. He also serves on the AIDS Treatment Activists Coalition's Drug Development Committee--which meets regularly with pharma and FDA on HIV drug development issues. Locally, Jeff produces a monthly treatment education series on HIV treatment issues for HIV patients & providers, serves on the regional Ryan White Planning Council, and co-chairs the Client Advocacy Committee of the Desert AIDS Project.