Arminius Bucher

Project Director
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Anal Dysplasia Clinic MidWest

2551 N. Clark St. #203

Chicago IL 60614

Tel: 312.623.2625

Fax: 773.289.0685

Arminius Bucher

Arminius Bucher is the Director of Operations and co-founder of the Anal Dysplasia Clinic MidWest. Mr. Bucher received his business degree from Max Hachenburg Business College in Mannheim, Germany in 1985. Mr. Bucher has utilized his business skills in the German Navy, the cruise and hotel industry as well as real estate. Arminius is responsible for day to day business operations of the Anal Dysplasia Clinic MidWest.


  • Max Hachenburg Business College, Mannheim, Germany, 1985.