Laurie Orner

Registered Nurse

The University Hospital for Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Department of Medical Oncology

Montefiore Hutchinson Campus

1250 Waters Place, Tower 2, 9th Floor, Room 9-100,

Bronx, NY 10461

Laurie Orner

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Bio Details: 

Laurie Orner is a Registered Nurse, with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Her nursing career started at Montefiore Hospital over 40 years ago. She has worked in many of the different Surgical Departments throughout the years; she has spent the last 20 years at the Department of General Surgery, where the ANCHOR Study resides. Laurie has worked closely with Dr. Levine for the past 8 years, providing an optimal level of nursing care. Most recently, Laurie has participated with the ANCHOR Study since its inception over the past 4 years. She works side by side with Dr. Levine and Dr. Huang, and she is actively involved in the care of patients for the prevention of anal cancer.  Patient teaching is something Laurie takes pride in and believes it is an important role for the RN.


RN, B.S.N., Lehman College, Bronx, NY