Chloe X. Gonzalez Coyle

Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator
UCSF Anal Neoplasia Center for Research and Education

Box 1600

Mt Zion Medical Center

1701 Divisadero Street, ANCRE Clinic

San Francisco, CA 94115

Tel: 415.353.7443

Fax: 415.353.9669

Chloe X. Gonzalez Coyle

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Chloe X. aspires to become a bilingual nurse practitioner and will be applying to the Master's Entry Program in Nursing at UCSF in a couple years. Chloe previously worked as an LGBTQQ Youth Advocate and youth program coordinator.

Chloe X. is a proud bilingual (Spanish/English) Irish Palestinian Xican@ Latinx Indigena athlete and artivist who was born and raised in Fri$co (aka San Francisco). Chloe loves flowers and enjoys gardening with their pots where you can find avocado, lavender, sage, mint, amaranth, tomato, oregano, chive, tomillo, pericon y xempasuchitl.

Chloe's passions lie in the intersections of community health and research justice. Chloe's thesis, “Decolonization and Wellness,” emphasizes culture, community, ceremony, and creative expression as vital for healthy living. Chloe's path is meandering and includes being deeply rooted in SF, directly serving the communities of SF, mural painting, Non-Violent Communication (NVC), cross-cultural understanding, community gardening, and healing.

Chloe is familiar with Arabic and Maaya T'aan (Maya Yucateco) and has worked as a bilingual Spanish/English health educator and STI counselor and is certified as an HIV test administrator and counselor.


  • B.A., Ethnic Studies, Mills College, Oakland, 2013
  • A.A., Social and Behavioral Sciences, City College, San Francisco, 2010